Opening access to knowledge in developing economies: Case studies of OER for development


Stewart Marshall, The University of the West Indies, West Indies

Wanjira Kinuthia, Georgia State University, USA

Open Education Resources (OER) are essentially educational materials that are freely available for re-use by others. Ideally, users of “open” educational resources should be free to use, adopt, modify and re-publish the materials to suit their own purpose. But creators of materials may assign specific rights to the reuse of their OER and can do so through a Creative Commons License. Several large institutions have made their distance education online courses available in this way, e.g., the Open University of the UK. So the ideas and mechanisms are all there – but can it work in practice? This book provides cases that give the reader an opportunity to explore the issues actually faced when the ideas and mechanisms are implemented and to reflect on relevant theories, techniques and practices to understand the problems, proposed solutions and consequences, and develop responses.


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